Alaskan Adventure

Happy Labor Day! Hope you are having a great holiday! We got back last night from our amazing Alaskan vacation. We were in Juneau for the past 5 days visiting our friends Josh and Kelly and their sweet baby Audrey! Josh is stationed in the Coast Guard up there and they were so generous in taking a week of his vacation to entertain us while we visited.


Our first full day there we hiked around Mendenhall Glacier which was less than 5 minutes from their house. Pretty amazing!

Glacier AlRyanGlacierFalls

No day is complete without fishing so we I tagged along with the boys as they did a little salmon fishing nearby. We only caught one that day, but don’t worry – the guys did pretty well for themselves on this trip!

 RyanJoshFishingplaid fish


For the next two days of our trip, we stayed in this cute little cabin about 30 minutes from their house. We saw seals, bald eagles and big black bears right from our cabin site! There were also a lot of “zombie” salmon in the stream by our cabin. These are the salmon who have already spawned and basically completed their life cycle, but they aren’t dead yet. It’s kind of sad actually. The swim around close to shore and are clearly out of it. Just waiting to die. But it was interesting to say the least! Nature is pretty amazing and it was so cool to see it up close and personal.

Cabin AllisonKelly

Of course we did a ton of fishing while we were here too! Silver Salmon were running and we found an awesome spot to catch them. The scenery was gorgeous and the fish were a-jumpin’! We (as in the boys) probably caught 8 of these big salmons. Here’s what the guys caught:

RyanSalmon BoysHiking BoysSalmon ThreeFish

And here’s what I caught:


In my defense, I did have an actual salmon on my line, but it was SO HUGE that it broke the line before I could reel it in! 🙂

It’s pretty cool to see your friends become parents and we absolutely loved spending time with their baby! Josh and Kelly are so thoughtful that they had a bag of baby presents waiting for us in the guest room! It was filled with chocolate turtles (sea salt flavored and I’m not ashamed to say I ate the entire box during the trip), sparkling cider, and the cutest little baby clothes! This one is my absolute favorite. 


Pretty appropriate right? We just had the best time in Alaska and are so thankful to have such amazing friends to host us up there. Alaska: we will definitely be back some day!

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