The Big Reveal!

We had our anatomy scan of the baby today and we now know if this little peanut is a boy or a girl! Find out for yourself here!


We’re having a BOY!


While we totally thought we were having a girl, we are THRILLED to be expecting baby boy! When the ultrasound tech told us the news, I had visions of my sweet little boy fishing with his dad off the dock and I couldn’t be happier.

24th Birthday

The great thing about yesterday was being able to celebrate my sister Becca’s 24th birthday with her. The very best thing though is that Becca and her friend Kelly moved down here this week to live for good!! They are staying with us until they find jobs and a place of their own and so far it’s been super fun having them around. Here’s how we celebrated by sweet, funny sister yesterday:

With a breakfast of Ryan’s scrambled eggs, fruit salad, mimosas for the girls, and these cute birthday donuts!



We then hit the Johns Island Farmers Market for a quick stroll and then the incredible Angel Oak Tree for some birthday photo opps:




Next up was a trip to the Irvin-House Vinyards and Firefly Distillery . The grounds of this place were just picture-perfect cute and the girls were able to taste a ton of different kinds of wine, moonshine, vodka, rum and liquor. So much fun even for someone who wasn’t able to taste anything!





Lunch at JB’s Smokeshack, dinner at Hominy Grill and funfetti angel food cake for dessert at home and her birthday was complete:


Here’s hoping to many more birthdays to celebrate with my sister in Charleston! Happy birthday Bec! I love you so much!


I think I’ve mentioned before how I’m big on traditions, especially Ryan and I starting our own traditions for our little family. For our first wedding anniversary we decided that every year we would go hiking and eat German food to remember our honeymoon in Germany (we hiked in the Black Forest on that trip).

Yesterday, we switched things up a little. We bought these his and hers fishing kayaks this week so of course we had to go test them out!

We had the most amazing day catching fish with the water to ourselves except for the baby dolphin swimming with his mom right next to our boats. Nerd alert: I forgot to take my life jacket off for the pic:

When we lived in German Village, awesome German food was literally steps from our house. In Charleston, there is ONE German restaurant and it’s a German-Southern fusion restaurant, haha. The Bay St. Biergarten was a really cool space that almost looked like Munich, even if the food didn’t really taste like it.

By the way, who told these kids they were old enough to get married?


Maybe one day we’ll go back to Germany celebrate our 20th anniversary!

#TBT September 25th, 2010

4 years ago I married this man who has made my dreams come true – dreams that I didn’t even know existed. Now here we are four years later living on the ocean, starting our own businesses and expecting a baby! Looking at these pictures seems like it was just yesterday that we read our vows and said “I will”. Can’t wait to see where the next four years of our adventure takes us!








A North Woods Wedding: Part 2

We had the most amazing time at Eric and Heidi’s gorgeous wedding weekend. There is nothing better than celebrating love with your family and I am so happy to be a member of this one!

The day was filled with the cutest, personalized details and we had absolutely perfect weather. Such a special day to be apart of.

My heart is just bursting with love for these two and the family I married in to almost 4 years ago!




















A North Woods Wedding – Part 1

Good morning from the beautiful and chilly North Shore! It’s wedding weekend for Ryan’s brother and our soon-to-be sister-in-law. We made the trek up north yesterday from the cities and had a lot of fun taking our time and making some stops on our way.

First stop was to Fleet Farm obviously! Ryan’s in the market for some hunting gear and while they didn’t have what he was looking for, they did have what I was looking for!

Once we hit Duluth we stopped downtown at a delicious deli where they specialize in smoked meats. It’s called Northern Waters Smokehaus and we loved it! We took the pups for a walk by the lake and I made Ryan pose for this photo which he hated, haha.


I had been dreaming about pie since I remembered that we would be passing Betty’s Pies on our way up to Lutsen.


We both got the Great Lakes pie which was a combination of apple, blueberry, raspberry and rhubarb with a crumb topping. I am definitely going to try this combo at home sometime-it made this pregnant lady pretty happy!

Once we got to Lutsen we took the dogs hiking on the Oberg Mountain Trail and it was stunning! The leaves are starting to change colors and the sun was out.






Promote What You Love: The FlipBelt

For probably the last year, I have secretly been hoping that fanny packs would make a comeback. Sure they are super nerdy, but they are handy as hell! You don’t always want to lug around your big purse to the amusement park or take a giant backpack when you go hiking. My mom’s fanny pack growing up was always stuffed with her essentials: kleenex and carmex (at least that’s how I remember it!) My problem recently was trying to take two big dogs for a walk, while finding a spot for my keys and my phone. Enter: The FlipBelt!


Of course I found out about The Flip Belt through Pinterest and at less than $30, it seemed like a stylish fannypack-type invention that would make my dog walking a lot easier! So I ordered it. 


Basically how it works is that you wear it around your waist like a belt (duh) and you slip your personal items into the slots. I’m not sure if this is right, but I flip my belt over so the slots are on the inside to ensure that nothing falls out. The slots are big enough to fit iphones in and I’ve never been worried about anything falling out. Pretty genius if you ask me! I ordered a size small, but I wish I would have ordered one size up. It’s pretty snug, which is good, but I think a medium would be a little more comfortable. Overall I totally love it and absolutely recommend it!



Before and After: Porch Reveal (aka: the dog room)

One of our favorite parts of our house when we bought it was the fact that it had an enclosed porch off the back. We knew that this room would be perfect for the dog room – a comfortable place for the boys that we would want to hang out in too, all while keeping their dog hair and dirt out of the main house.

Here’s what the porch looked like when we bought it:




There wasn’t a ton we needed to do to make it ready for dogs. The only renovations we made was to rip out the carpet, install some big economical tiles and replace the ceiling fan with a larger version that would circulate more air. Oh and of course we added a doggie door so the boys can go in and out as they please.


We bought durable furniture from consignment stores and Craigslist that we didn’t care if the dogs jumped on (it is their room after all!) but that we would want to hang out on too. We put a cool antique table in there that Ryan found so we can play cards out there on cool nights. We made sure to leave them room for their activities too 🙂



I’m trying to keep all of their stuff organized so I put their treats in this cute jar. Their food is in a large garbage bin, their toys are in a cute durable basket from Target and their leashes are on hooks I installed.


But my favorite part of the dog room? Hands down, this hysterical picture of Sam and Chance that I blew up at Kinkos.


This is a black and white engineer print that cost $11 and brings me way more than $11 of happiness every time I look at it. By the way, we didn’t pose them like this. They are just natural bulldog models!

Pregnancy Update: FAQ’s

Hello from 17 weeks pregnant! I had an appointment today and we heard a strong heartbeat so everything is going great. Thought I’d do a little FAQ post today about how things have been going so far!

 (Baby at 13 weeks)

1. When did you find out that you were pregnant?
Remember when it was Friday the 13th and we closed on our house? It was a pretty amazing day because that night we also found out that we were expecting! It was the Friday before we were headed to Minnesota for the 4th of July which made it pretty tough to keep our secret to ourselves while we were up north, but since it was so early and my first doctor’s appointment wasn’t until we got back, we kept our mouths shut as much as we could!

2. How did you tell Ryan? Anything creative come from Pinterest?
Ha! No. When Ryan and I started thinking about starting a family, I started thinking of creative ways I would tell him. I thought about having the dogs wear “Big Brother” bandanas, or serve Ryan a dinner of baby carrots, baby back ribs, baby corn, a’la Becky and Jesse on Full House. In realty, we went to Walgreens together to buy the tests and he waited outside the door of the barely finished bathroom in the flip house we were staying in. It’s such a snapshot in time of our crazy life when we first moved down here that we’ll always remember. Not Pinterest worthy, but perfect for us. 

(The picture I texted to my girlfriends to let them know the news)

3. When is the baby due?
Our due date is February 12th – maybe a Valentine’s baby!

4. How are you feeling?
I have been super lucky – besides feeling really really tired and hungry all the time in the first trimester, I’ve really felt great! No morning sickness at all. Thank you baby!

5. Any food cravings yet?
I know this is an incredibly annoying thing to say, but the only things I have been craving so far are fruit! Maybe it’s the heat down here but I can’t get enough smoothies, melon, and my newest fave: green apples with peanut butter and granola. Don’t get me wrong though, I have definitely had my share of Chick-fil-a and I usually eat ice cream every night!

6. Are you showing?
I think I popped a little while we were in Alaska! I’m happy to feel and look more pregnant and less chubby, haha. Here’s how I looked at 15 weeks before we left for Alaska:
And here I am today at 17 weeks:

7. Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl?
Definitely! We find out at the end of this month!

Bonus Question: How is it not drinking?
I almost didn’t add this question, but I really get asked about it a lot, haha! It actually hasn’t been bad. It gets kind of boring drinking water and lemonade all the time, but I haven’t really craved beer and wine like I thought I would. The hardest part for me though is seeing all of the fall beers coming out! Octoberfest/Pumpkin beers are my favorite. 

Any other questions for me? Ask in the comments!