Before and After: Exterior Reveal

You guys! The exterior of our house is FINISHED! (Well the front of our house anyway – we’re still undecided about the backyard). But either way, we absolutely love the transformation. As a reminder, here’s what the exterior of our house looked like in June when we bought it:



Little to no landscaping, a reddish color roof, an ugly yellow/tan trim color, a broken falling down mail box, and the weird bare section that I can’t even describe at that very top triangle section. Oh, and a dark, ugly, brown broken garage door! 

Here’s what our house looks like today!



My truly amazing husband and his crew of guys totally transformed our house. They installed a new roof in the 90 degree heat that totally takes the redness out of our house. We went for a grey color and couldn’t be happier. 


Ryan installed cedar shakes in that weird bare spot which makes a huge difference. We painted the trim a crisp white that lightened up the look of the house a ton. They also installed a new white garage door that looks like bead board which keeps even the garage interesting looking. 


We scoured through Goodwills, Craigslists, and Habitat for Humanity stores looking for rocking chairs and tables that we could paint to put on the front porch. We have four rocking chairs total, two blue and two yellow, and then two corresponding drink tables. Two sweet pink hanging baskets and some new bushes in the front flanking garden beds add some new life to to the front of the house. But I think my absolute favorite part of the front of our house is our bright blue door!


It’s bright, but we LOVE it. It totally stands out from the rest of the houses on our block that generally look pretty similar to ours. Now when people come over we can say, “We’re the house with the blue door!”. 


We are just thrilled with the way the front turned out and I am so thankful for my amazingly talented husband that can turn house dreams into a realty! Stay tuned for more reveals. The interior is getting very close to being done too!

One thought on “Before and After: Exterior Reveal

  1. Allison and Ryan…..

    LOVE what you did to the font of the house!!!! Beautiful…and love the front door pop!!!! Can’t wait to visit!!

    Hugs, Shirley

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