Book Rec: Red Hook Road

Hello! Hope you had a nice weekend. We were busy busy working on the house but I’m happy to report that we are almost done with the major interior projects! I’m going to start unpacking this week which makes me really excited. Anyone else love starting fresh and organizing? Two exciting installations happened this weekend too!


Finally we have a fridge! Real food! Grocery shopping! I’m so happy. AND we bit the bullet and made an adult purchase. Our beautiful, super comfy new sectional arrived on Saturday!

This couch is so comfy in fact, that Ryan slept on it until 10am this morning! While he slept, I decided to use my time wisely and finish the book I’ve been reading since last weekend’s trip to MN. It’s called Red Hook Road by Ayelet Waldman.


It tells the story of two families brought together by tragedy after a young bride and groom were killed on their wedding day. Really sad, but actually almost a hopeful book. I didn’t love it, but I did really enjoy it.

What I loved:

1. It’s broken up into sections based on each summer after the deaths of the bride and groom which was interesting
2. The book takes place in small town Maine which I found to be really fun to imagine
3. I really liked the characters and their family dynamics

What I didn’t totally love:

1. The book goes into a lot of detail about two subjects I don’t particularly care about – violins/classical music and ships/boat building

Overall though, I recommend this one! Next up by popular demand: Vacationland!

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