Of course!

What other pre-sets would you need on your new oven besides pizza and chicken nuggets?




I’m sitting here at the Minneapolis airport, waiting for my delayed flight, and feeling sentimental about the three girls I flew here to see this weekend.

When I walked into my freshmen dorm room in 2004, I had no idea what to expect. I was so nervous about who these three girls were going to be that I would have to share my room with. As it turned out, we decided that we had so much fun together that we never wanted to live apart! We were roommates all four years of college and had some of the funniest, craziest times of my life.




We spent so many late nights being weirdos, borrowing each other’s clothes, contemplating our college lives, occasionally getting in trouble, eating fattening food and laughing our butts off. Living with the same girls for four years didn’t come without occasional fights, but I am so thankful for such amazing roommates and friends.

It’s been 6 years since we graduated college and 6 years since we’ve been all together. We all met in Minneapolis this weekend for Katie’s wedding and it was like no time had passed.


I am so glad I was able to come back home this weekend to celebrate our beautiful bride and spend time with my roomies reminiscing about our years together. And I really miss sharing clothes with them…




Southern Sunday Morning

Hey ya’ll! Hope you are having a great weekend. I’m supposed to be reading my real estate text book, but I just get so distracted! Proof that I should never go back to grad school. Studying’s just not my bag baby!

On Friday night we went over to a friend’s house to do a little night swimming in the pool. Super fun but the bugs here are kind of out of control. Mosquitos, giant spiders, biting flies, you name it! I know everyone warned us about them but it’s going to take some getting used to. They eat me alive! Yesterday we took the boat out and did a little fishing. Ryan caught a couple of sting rays this time and only one baby shark.

This Sunday morning we slept in (we are super good at sleeping in lately!) and went to get some awesome breakfast served by cute hipster waitresses. To walk off a small portion of our bazillion breakfast calories, we went downtown to wander the beautiful, historic streets. It is just stunning here!

We meandered down Church Street which was perfect because most church services were just letting out. Does walking by the churches count as going to church?


Everyone was dressed to the nines and even the kids had suit jackets on. I saw no less than 5 seersucker suits, hats of all kinds, and everyone was so put together.


I told Ryan I want to be Southern when I grow up. He’s going to have to lose his Minnesota accent first 🙂

Latest 5

Just because we’re still living in a construction zone, doesn’t mean that I can’t daydream about all of the pins I can’t wait to put to use once our house is done! I thought I’d share my latest five pins with you and you can see where my head’s at lately. Hint: it involves food and house decorating!

1. Parmesan Zucchini and Corn 

 photo 2

I am dying for some veggies in my life. We’ve still been eating out A TON and I have not been doing a good job of making sensible choices. I think our appliances come next week, so it shouldn’t be too long before I can whip up something fresh like this!

2. Short Wavy Hairstyles

photo 1

I don’t really love the other styles in the link, but I LOVE Jennifer Nettles short wavy haircut. I have to be honest: this humidity down here is not doing my hair any favors! I think maybe if I cut it a little shorter, it might get a little more volume and I might like it better. Haircut appointment booked for next week.

3. Blueberry Pie Oatmeal

photo 3

See explanation from pin #1

4. Master Bath Inspiration

photo 4

Our guest bathroom is almost finished, but our master bath is still in the design phase. Right now, we’re leaning towards something like this picture. We are thinking of tiling our new walk-in shower with white subway tiles and using an industrial looking copper shower head. We’re still trying to think what kind of floor tile would look best. Any ideas? 

5. Turtle Brownies

photo 5

Not healthy, but I don’t care for one second! Look how amazing these look!! Num num num num. 

If you want to see what else I’ve been pinning, follow me on Pinterest!


Dexter strikes again!

We are in the swing of renovations at our house! When I came home from working at the library today, this is what I walked in to:



Dexter’s kill room anyone?? Here’s a #TBT to another time when we paid homage to our favorite show.


Who knew a killer (on tv) could be so lovable?

Observations on Grandparents

We are in our last week of our Minnesota trip and have been so busy that I haven’t had much of a chance to post! I spent some quality time with my grandparents on this trip though and wanted to make sure that I remember this time with them.

After spending a solid week with my grandparents, here are some observations I’ve made about the older generation in my family:

1. Talking about the weather is always a good topic of discussion. Bonus points of you keep the Weather Channel on all day to promote these conversations.
2. Air conditioning is for wussies. 85 degrees inside the house? That’s a little on the chilly side.
3. 4:30 is Jeopardy time and it is seriously so much fun (I’m not even kidding about this one!) I felt like the smartest person alive when I got a whole category right one night. Sure the category was “Stores in a Mall”, but so what!
4. Summer Sausage is a meat meant for all meals of the day. Grandpa Arn likes his for lunch while Grandpa Milo fried his up for breakfast .
5. The tv volume is always SO loud but it’s only fair that it be loud so everyone can hear it. We all need to be able to laugh at the jokes on Big Bang Theory.

We will all hopefully be old grandparents one day and will have our own funny quirks (probably the same ones I listed here)! I’m so happy that I was able to spend so much time learning what my grandparents’ are on this trip 🙂