If you were at Starbucks with me…

Hello! Can you believe it? I’m about to post more than a photo! I’ve seen a lot of other blog writers do these “Virtual Coffee Date” posts. The idea is to talk to you like you are at Starbucks with me right now. To help you envision it, here’s what it looks like at my table:
photo - Edited

So, if you were sitting across the Starbucks table with me right now, you’d know that the people behind me are talking about chicken cutlets, which is why I quick downloaded the new Miranda Lambert album so I could put my headphones in, haha.

Okay for real now, we are LOVING life in Charleston. I think it’s a really good sign of things to come because we are kind of living in a weird limbo. We sleep on a mattress on the floor, we just installed appliances this week (aka, we’ve been eating out for about a month), and for fun before we go to bed we watch Season 3 of The Cosby Show on Ryan’s computer because we have no TV. Despite the weirdness of our living situation, it doesn’t really phase us! Can you imagine how much we are going to love it here once we have a chair to sit on to eat our dinner instead of eating dinner on our bed?? 🙂

Here’s a quick list of happenings in our life:

1. We close on our German Village house tomorrow! (hopefully!)
2. We are in contract for a house for ourselves and should close next week so we can start the demo. We found this place in a matter of days when we arrived in Charleston and are so excited about it. It’s a 70’s brick ranch that needs some major updating, but we have some really great ideas for it (it’s nice when you have a smart husband and creative architect dad!). Stay tuned to follow our progress! We are really excited about the neighborhood we are moving in to – lots of young families and close to the beach and downtown.
3. We’ve already made some really great friends. Everyone is so nice here – I love being surrounded by positive people and happy married couples!
4. We’ve gone out on Pearl Mae (our boat) a couple times now and so happy that we have it. I’m still learning all of my “jobs” on the boat – aka, helping Ryan get it in the water, anchor duty, etc – but I’ll get there! We see tons of dolphins, cruise the river to look at the beautiful houses and old plantations, and are just generally trying to figure the waterways out. Our new friends have been super helpful in teaching us the ropes of Charleston boating. Our fishing gear is still packed in the trailer so we haven’t even begun to explore that yet!
5. We’re getting all of the pieces in place for our new businesses and it’s really exciting! Ryan’s been taking his brokerage classes this week and I’ve been working at Starbucks on our business plan.

I think that’s it for now! Next up is a long trip home in a couple weeks. Can’t wait to see everyone soon!

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