Mother’s Day Love

We finally finished the house (almost anyway) and we are on our way to see the movie Neighbors to relax. And I finally have a chance to sit down and tell you how much I love my momma on this Mother’s Day!

Growing up with my mom was FUN. She took us on field trips, let us play around the neighborhood with our friends, and always wanted us to be learning and growing, even if that meant “summer school” in our kitchen and piano lessons that I hated. I used my imagination so much when I was a kid and have nothing but happy memories of my childhood.

My mom is selfless, really smart and an amazing friend. She is also super into pop culture which I love! I’ve never wanted to disappoint my mom and I hope that when I am a mom one day, I am just like her. Now in my adult life, I appreciate my mom and the life I’ve had because of her even more.

I miss you so much Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!


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