Sunset Bridge Walk

Last night Ryan and I walked the Ravenel Bridge….





I can’t believe we live here! It is beyond gorgeous.

Our weekend in pictures

Hope you are having a great holiday today! We are running errands today but we took full advantage of the hot weather on Saturday. We took the boat out to a little island and had a great time letting the dogs swim and meeting new people. A couple pics from the day:






Favorite Words


We’re busy planting the seeds here in Charleston! Our days are busy working on the flip house and house hunting for our place. We’ve managed to do some fun things too in the past week! We went to an outdoor bluegrass concert at a local brewery on Friday and yesterday we went out on a new friend’s boat. We’re busy but kind of loving it!

Columbus Highlights

Well friends, I’m here to report that Ryan and I are still in Columbus. Remember when I said I underestimated how long everything takes? That is no lie. But the good news is that we are on track to leave tomorrow morning! I think it’s still a little hard to wrap my head around leaving Columbus for good. Maybe it won’t hit me until we are on the road tomorrow, or maybe it will never affect me! Either way, we have loved our time in Columbus. Having the opportunity to be on our own in the early years of our marriage is something that we’ll never forget! We’ve met amazing friends, had great jobs, and some really fun times in Columbus. Here are just a couple of my favorite!

Me and Ryan in front of our first house in Columbus. My parents helped move us down and it was fun to “meet” Columbus with them!


SO many trips to the zoo when we had no friends except for Jack Hanna and the animals.


Our first and LAST OSU game 🙂


Fun family visits!




Summers on Lake Erie!




And lastly, so many fun nights with friends!



We love you Columbus!


Mother’s Day Love

We finally finished the house (almost anyway) and we are on our way to see the movie Neighbors to relax. And I finally have a chance to sit down and tell you how much I love my momma on this Mother’s Day!

Growing up with my mom was FUN. She took us on field trips, let us play around the neighborhood with our friends, and always wanted us to be learning and growing, even if that meant “summer school” in our kitchen and piano lessons that I hated. I used my imagination so much when I was a kid and have nothing but happy memories of my childhood.

My mom is selfless, really smart and an amazing friend. She is also super into pop culture which I love! I’ve never wanted to disappoint my mom and I hope that when I am a mom one day, I am just like her. Now in my adult life, I appreciate my mom and the life I’ve had because of her even more.

I miss you so much Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!


Rain, rain , go away

It’s hard to do yard work when it’s pouring….


So Sammy and I are hanging out in the shed waiting for the rain to pass.


We’re actually making a lot of progress today. In terms of the backyard we had mow, seed and fertilize the yard, clean up the bricks around the patio, and spread some more gravel. We also still have to fix and paint the fence. I think after that, the backyard is ready to go. Actually, who am I kidding? The way this house is going, I’m sure there is more to do then that. I see the light at the end of the tunnel though and the light looks like sunshine and Folly Beach!