Easter Pinspiration

We interrupt this weekend of packing and yard work to bring you some of my favorite Easter pins! Is it bad that I keep forgetting that tomorrow is Easter? While we aren’t really doing much to celebrate the holiday this year, you will be happy to know that we do have brunch reservations at The Pearl tomorrow, which I heard is amazing!  I know this post is probably a little late, but maybe you have some last minute decorating or baking to do! I’m saving these for next year when we have a house that we can fully go all-out for Easter. Enjoy and Happy Easter!

I am FOR SURE making this next year! So clever! Buy a cheapy bunny decoration from the Dollar Store and spray paint it with gloss brown spray paint. It looks like a chocolate bunny right??


I made these Cadbury Egg Cookies to bring to work this week and they were a hit! Um, how come I’ve never realized before how delish these Cadbury Eggs are??


This Jelly Bean Tree looks like it might be a little time consuming, it’s so cute and probably so cheap to make that I think it’s worth it for next year!


Lastly, because I’m much more of a fan of brunch food for holidays, how about making this Ham and Potato bake? So elegant (and easy to make!)



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