Book Rec: Help for the Haunted

Happy Sunday! Hope you had a nice weekend! We had another relaxing weekend which I know we need to savor before things start to get crazy around here with our move. Thank you for all of the well wishes and excitement for us! It means a lot to know that people are happy for us and our decision to move to Charleston.

Since we didn’t have a ton going on this weekend, I was really able to dive into a book I borrowed from the library last weekend. It’s called Help for the Haunted by John Searles and it is SO GOOD. Creepy, suspenseful, unpredictable and riddled with interesting characters. It centers around a girl named Sylvie who’s parents have an odd profession: they help “haunted souls”. It’s not really a ghost story though, so don’t let that deter you. If you liked Gone Girl, I bet you’ll like this! Ryan even started reading it today and seems to really be liking it which makes me happy.


Oh, what’s that bread in the background, you say? Just this Apple Fritter Bread I whipped up today. No big deal.



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