Next Stop: Charleston

We are so excited to tell you that at the beginning of May, Ryan, Chance, Sam and I are headed south! As in, we’re moving to Charleston, SC and could not be happier about it. We will always love Columbus, but we’re ready for a change and warmer weather (and oh yeah, the ocean!) We’ve been to Charleston a couple of times now and just fell in love with it.




We are so lucky that with Ryan’s job, we can really live almost anywhere. We’ve thought about it for over a year now, and Charleston is just really calling our name. Here are some FAQ’s about our big move that might explain what we’re up to!

Q. Why Charleston?

A. When we thought about the possibility of moving out of Ohio, and not moving to Minnesota, we thought about the areas of the country that seemed the most interesting to us. Inevitably, we were drawn to locations that were warmer and near the water. We knew that we were most interested in staying on the east coast, so last spring we took a road trip down the coast to check out Wilmington, Charleston and Savannah. With Charleston’s mix of history and beach life, it was the perfect fit for us.

Q. Wait, what?? You aren’t moving back to Minnesota??

A. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love Minnesota. Most of our family is there and it holds a very special place in our heart. But it is also cold. Very cold. At this point, we just can’t see ourselves being happy in a place with such a long winter when winter currently makes us miserable. We need to try out Charleston (because we’ll regret it if we don’t) and if it’s a disaster, we know we can always go back to Minnesota.

Q. But you just moved into your cute house in German Village!

A. We have loved the heck out of this house in the year we have lived in it. I know that I will never live in such a cute or convenient place as I do now, but that’s okay! Change is good. And the next owner is going to love the heck out of this house too.

Q. Um, Allison? Don’t you love your job? That you practically just started?

A. Yes! I love my job and leaving it is one of the hardest parts of leaving Columbus. But I know even more exciting things are on the horizon and the flexibility I’m going to have with my new job is exactly what I’m going to need at this point in my life.

Q. Where are you guys going to work in Charleston?

A. This is one of the most exciting parts! Ryan is going to continue to invest in real estate under a new company that we created. He will also be a real estate broker which opens up a lot of opportunity for us. I will be getting my real estate license and will work with Ryan. It’s a whole new challenge that is really exciting to us. We can’t wait to get started!

Q. Do you have a house in Charleston? Where are you going to live?

A. Ryan’s been working on a flip house down there that we’ll live in for a few months while we find a house and fix it up to move in to.

Q. Are the dogs excited to move??

A. Just kidding, no one’s ever asked us that. But I think they are pumped. Chance especially. He hates the cold.


The next month is going to include packing, enjoying every last bit of Columbus and our favorite places, fixing up the house, and making meals that clean out the pantry.

Any other questions? Ask me! We are so excited about our new adventure. See you soon Charleston!



5 thoughts on “Next Stop: Charleston

  1. Q. Will the people who love you and your amazing cuddly pooches (who, despite their very large frames, assume themselves to be lap dogs) get to see you before you move?

  2. Congratulations!! I just saw a show on HGTV today about a couple living in Charleston, it looks like an amazing place to live. What an exciting new adventure!!

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