An Ode to Starsky…and his favorite things

Before we went on vacation a couple weeks ago, we had to put our boy Starsky down. It was hard to do but it was made a little easier because we knew he was in a lot of pain from his old age. We loved our old grandpa-dog Starsky so much!


Instead of feeling sad, let’s remember Starsky and all of the things he loved!

1. Starsky loved to run around like a maniac.


2. Starsky loved to explore nature which usually resulted in these burrs.Image

3. Starsky loved to model sweatshirts.



4. Starsky also loved to model hats.


5. Starsky loved to get in your personal space.


6. Starsky loved to get his hair did.


7. Starsky loved to steal toys from his brothers.


8. Starsky loved matching his bandana with the occasion.


9. Most of all, Starsky loved his family and we loved him! We know he is in doggie heaven reunited with his brother Hutch on a new adventure. Which most likely involves escaping from the pearly gates.



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