An Ode to Starsky…and his favorite things

Before we went on vacation a couple weeks ago, we had to put our boy Starsky down. It was hard to do but it was made a little easier because we knew he was in a lot of pain from his old age. We loved our old grandpa-dog Starsky so much!


Instead of feeling sad, let’s remember Starsky and all of the things he loved!

1. Starsky loved to run around like a maniac.


2. Starsky loved to explore nature which usually resulted in these burrs.Image

3. Starsky loved to model sweatshirts.



4. Starsky also loved to model hats.


5. Starsky loved to get in your personal space.


6. Starsky loved to get his hair did.


7. Starsky loved to steal toys from his brothers.


8. Starsky loved matching his bandana with the occasion.


9. Most of all, Starsky loved his family and we loved him! We know he is in doggie heaven reunited with his brother Hutch on a new adventure. Which most likely involves escaping from the pearly gates.




Growing up, my absolute favorite place to go for breakfast was Pannekoekin Huis. It was a little Dutch heaven located in an Eden Prairie strip mall and going for breakfast with my family meant stuffing my little kid belly with an Apple Pannekoeken. If you don’t know, a pannekoeken is like a puffy pancake (but way way better then a pancake) that you can customize with your fave ingredients. However, ordering one of these at Pannekoekin Huis meant that the poor waitress had to yell out “Paaannekooeken!” while she carried your massive pancake to the table. It seemed pretty embarrassing for everyone involved but one bite of the pannekoeken made it all worth it.

While I no longer live hear a Pannekoekin Huis, one of my favorite cookbooks (Betty Crocker Bridal Edition), just happens to have a perfect copy cat recipe! Cue Sunday breakfast….


Apple Oven Pancake (Apple Pannekoekin)From: Betty Crocker Bridal Edition

2 tablespoons butter
2 large eggs
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup milk
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons packed brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 peeled and thinly sliced baking apple

1. Heat oven to 400 degrees. In 9-inch pie pan, melt butter in oven and brush it over the bottom and side of the pan

2. Sprinkle brown sugar and ground cinnamon evenly over melted butter in pie plate. Arrange thinly sliced apples over the sugar, covering the entire pie pan

3. In a bowl, beat eggs and add flour, milk and salt until just mixed. It’s important not to over beat the ingredients together or your pancake might not puff up.

4. Pour batter over apple layer and bake for 30-35 minutes

It should come out puffy like this:


5. Immediately loosen the edge of the pancake and turn upside down on a plate or cutting board.


6. Yell “Paaaanekooeken” as you serve your family breakfast. Devour and thank the Dutch for such a lovely breakfast.

30 Under 30 Check In

Most of you already know about my 30 Under 30 list – basically 30 things I want to try to do before I turn 30. I  made this list about 2 years ago and I’ve done pretty great at crossing things off of my list! Reading through it though, I know there are things on my list that probably won’t happen in a year and a half (mostly the exotic traveling ones – we aren’t made of money!). I absolutely encourage you to make a bucket list of sorts. I think the key is to make sure half of your list is easy to accomplish, and then set some fun goals for yourself!

Here’s an update on my 30 Under 30 list:

1. Run a mile in under 10 minutes

2. See a concert at Red Rocks

3. Go to New Orleans with friends

4. Run a 10k

5. Try drinking milk again

6. Travel to Portland and Seattle

7. See the Niagara Falls

8. Eat pizza in Naples, Italy

9. Go to the Ohio State Fair

10. Get sushi with Ryan and let him pick what I eat

11. Go whitewater rafting

12. Go to Cedar Point

13. Catch a walleye off of Timewarp (our Lake Erie boat) and eat it

14. Learn to sew with a sewing machine

15. Learn how to play chess

16. Learn how to change my car tire

17. Start a blog

18. Try paddleboarding

19. Ride on a snow mobile

20. Enter an amateur fishing contest

21. Go to a Jason Mraz concert

22. Get front row concert tickets

23. See a Twins game at Target Field

24. Ride on an elephant in Thailand

25. See a Dave Matthews concert

26. Try tofu

27. Learn how to dive

28. Learn how to open a champagne bottle in a cool way

29. Take a cooking class

30. Travel to Austin, TX


Candy Hearts

My favorite holiday candies are usually the ones that no one else likes (except my dad). I love love candy corn, especially the pumpkins that are the sweetest. And my absolute favorite Valentine’s candy are candy hearts – Brach’s Conversation Hearts to be exact. Accidentally buying Sweethearts is a devastating mistake. The chalky, sweet flavor of the Conversation Hearts can’t be beat.

In honor of my favorite v-day candy, check out these cute plates I found at out grocery store this week! At $3 a piece, I had to have them. They warm my little heart every time I look at them! And make me want candy…


Happy Valentine’s week!

Vacation Wind down (and the BEST Chicken Noodle Soup)

Anyone else get the blues after vacation is over? In my case, I also got a cold. Maybe it was those piles of snow that I came home to yesterday that did it to me. Blech! Cold weather and a little sickness calls for relaxation. Tonight that means, chicken noodle soup, a glass of wine, dog snuggling, cozy jammies and The Bachelor (I know, I know). To me, it sounds like perfection!

I tried out a new soup recipe tonight and it was a real winner. Skinny Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup from Gimme Some Oven – one of my favorite food blogs. Check it out if you’re looking for dinner ideas this week.



I think using rotisserie chicken is one of the keys to success. Just what the doctor ordered!