Toasted Walnut, Blue Cheese and Brussels Sprout Salad

Have I told you that I’m obsessed with brussels sprouts? Like seriously can’t get enough. I crave them. And I feel a little resentment towards my parents for not introducing them to me earlier in my life (just kidding mom and dad). So I’m obsessed with brussel sprouts and I’m also obsessed with The Brown Bag Deli down the street from our house. This cute little deli has amazing sandwiches and delicious side dishes. My favorite thing to do lately is get their combo of three small sides. They have really great seasonal chicken salad (my other obsession), smokey potato salad, caprese salad, and this sweet summer corn with basil and tomato. Really simple, delicious food. But guess what one of my favorite sides is? A roasted brussel sprout salad with walnuts and blue cheese! Its pretty much the best thing ever and I learned to make it at home yesterday (probably because it has about 3 ingredients).

I think the key to trying brussels sprouts and really liking them is to roast them. Oh and make sure to get fresh ones! Never frozen. Made that mistake a couple times. When you buy them fresh, you have to cut the little butt off of the bottom and then cut them in half. Toss them with olive oil, sea salt and a little black pepper in a bowl. Throw them onto a cookie sheet and stick them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 25-30 minutes, tossing them around occasionally to make sure they get all-over crispy.


While these babies were in the oven, I threw some walnuts on another cookie sheet and toasted them for 10 minutes or so. I let everything cool, taste tested some of those crunchy, salty brussels sprouts, and then put them all in a bowl with some blue cheese. And that was it! And it was delicious! And it tasted just like Brown Bag. And I was happy.


And I can’t wait to eat the rest for lunch tomorrow! Seriously, brussels sprouts, give ’em a try. I’m talking to you family.

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