Therapy Dog

When we found Chance wandering down a gravel road outside of Columbus as a puppy, we didn’t plan on keeping him. We already had two dogs and he was a puppy – as in he barked a lot, ate our sunglasses, and did not get along with our other dogs (well he loved them, they just didn’t feel the same way).


That little honey really started to grow on us though and slowly started to develop into the sweet, gentle, calm, quiet dog he is today.




As he’s grown up, Ryan and I have always thought that he would do great as a therapy dog. I found a perfect opportunity for us that would allow Chance to visit hospice patients in a nearby nursing home without needing the extensive therapy dog training that many places would have required.

Yesterday was our first day of volunteering and Chance was amazing. We walked the loop of the nursing home, stopping to talk to residents in the hall, or peeking into rooms of others to see if they would like to meet our pup. While some people were hesitant and said no (he is sort of scary looking!), most people were thrilled to see him. And he was SO GOOD. He would sit next to wheelchairs and let people pet him. He would put his head next to people who were bedridden. Ryan would prop his front legs up on the beds of those who couldn’t see him on the ground. Chance was so gentle. It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen and we were bursting with pride at our well-behaved, sweet, big dog. We even had one resident follow Chance around almost the whole building in his wheelchair and another that said “He just made my day”. How much better does it get then that?

I took this picture of him on the way home – Chance was proud of himself too I think.



One thought on “Therapy Dog

  1. What a great story! We love to hear the amazing stories of a therapy dog. The patients appreciate Chance’s visit more than you know. Thank you for sharing! We wish you and Chance the best of luck as you continue your adventures.

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