Our Favorite Lasagna

You know what this cold weather makes me want to do? Eat usually. And eat warm, cheesy, carb-filled meals. Not good for the 30 Day Challenge I know, but at least one of my rules wasn’t to stop eating lasagna! I’ve made this lasagna a couple of times before and we most recently made it on Christmas. It is seriously a winner. And if you have someone in your house who doesn’t like ricotta cheese, like I do, it’s made with cottage cheese which makes for a happy husband.Image

Of course you know the recipe comes from Pioneer Woman and one of my favorite things about this recipe is that it is so easy and requires really simple ingredients. Nothing fancy. I promise you probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry. Just do yourself a favor and get the hot sausage that the recipe calls for. It adds so much flavor and I’m positive that it won’t be too spicy for you!

This last time around I put the lasagna into 3 small pans. We ate one and I froze the others. Pretty smart, I think! Now we can have lasagna anytime we want! Yippee!

I hope you are all staying warm wherever you are. Maybe make this lasagna this weekend and warm up. And play some cribbage.



7 thoughts on “Our Favorite Lasagna

  1. Just made lasagna last night for dinner. It’s cold here in MN so guess we think alike. I agree that it takes a hot sausage to make it great. Stay warm, and eat well!

      • Super delayed. He is in NO hurry. Mama is ready! Maybe I’ll feed him some super spicy lasagna! Brian and I have had three weeks of date nights, though 🙂 I’ve enjoyed this part. Today is the zoo, a movie and somewhere fun to eat. I also plan on baking up a storm. Figured now is the time to test all “Things Sweet and Comforting” pins.

  2. Yum!! How is your 30-day challenge going? We plan on being crazy cooking (and eating) hermits tomorrow since the high is only -7.

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