30 Day Challenge

Anyone else spiral out of control over the holidays? Like non-stop eating, drinking and no exercise? (Please please let me fit into my New Years Eve dress this week!) Due to the overwhelming fact that I need to get back on track, I’m creating a 30 day challenge for myself for the month of January. I just made this little game up and I want you to join in if you feel like you need some extra motivation to accomplish some goals in the month of January.

Here’s how my 30 Day Challenge works.

Step 1: Pick three REALISTIC goals for yourself. They can be absolutely anything but they have do be doable but they should challenge you. Here are mine:

1. Walk at least 2 miles every day

2. Eat only salads for lunch during the work week (I seriously need to cut out some carbs and my veggie intake has been lacking lately)

3. I am only allowed two drink drinks during the weekday. (i.e. I can’t drink every night like I have during the holiday season. Okay, maybe it wasn’t every night but it sure felt like a lot)

Step 2: Do them.

And that’s it! The challenge starts on January 2nd and goes through the end of the month. I’m giving myself New Years Day to be lazy but then I’m kicking it into high gear on Thursday. For real.

I wanted to share my plan with you to keep myself accountable and also to maybe motivate you to join me. How about for the month of January we try to blow our own damn minds at how motivated and disciplined we can be, huh?


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