A BEARy Ugly Sweater

This past Saturday I attended my first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Well technically, I was hosting the party. And technically it was for work. My coworker and I were the hosts of our company’s suite for the Columbus Blue Jackets (hockey) game and we invited some of our best customers to come. So fun! But first I had to find my ugly sweater.

Luckily I had to look no further then our own costume bin in the basement to find this gem, once worn by Ryan in college:


I mean, how perfect is that? Gaudy, pilly, and Christmasy. Perfect! Unfortunately, I don’t think my husband ever washed it after he bought it from the thrift store eight years ago so it was also smelly. I took care of that issue and here’s how I “styled” it:


And yes, those are puppy paws photobombing my selfie 🙂

We had such a great night and our customers were totally in the Ugly Christmas Sweater spirit. First Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was a success! Now if both Ryan and I are ever invited to one of these next year, we are going to have to fight over this beautiful piece of cardigan heaven.

PS: Here’s a view from the awesome suite if you are curious!


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