What’s in a name?

Trying to think of a blog name is not such an easy task apparently. Especially because after I said them out loud to my husband, I quickly regretted it. “Everywhere Love”? Saying that potential blog name out loud is embarrassing. Ryan informed me tonight that he wants to write movie reviews on this blog so I think he felt like he had some sort of stake in the naming. “Everywhere Love” is not so conducive to reviews of the latest Jason Statham movie (Ryan’s man crush). Here are some other names that were quickly axed:

– Itty Bitty Bloggy

-Minnesota My Love

-Hobby Blog

-Love All Over

So I settled on Happy Little Honey which is really making me happy. Maybe that’s because the word “honey” always reminds me of my mom some how. As in the phrase, “What a little honey!” Yep, the more I look at it and the more I hear my mom’s voice in the title, the more I love it. Welcome to my first blog post with one of my favorite honeys.

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